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Beautiful, inviting environments create a frame for work and center for commerce. Nothing defines a company quite like the front door. DeWitt & Associates understands retail spaces become an extension of the corporate culture, and reflect a concern for efficiency, sustainability, and future growth.


Discount Tire West Sunshine – Springfield, Missouri   

Mid-Missouri Bank – Mount Vernon, Missouri   

7,279 square feet one story bank with 30 foot tall drive-thru canopy featuring 3 lanes and ATM drive. Facility contains underground storage detention area for storm water to be filtered then dissipate back into environment naturally. 50% of structure is comprised of glass/storefronts allowing more natural light into the building. Exterior includes MCP’s (metal composite panels), Allura Siding with tri-color integrated into surface for a more natural look, and a cultured stone veneer. Interior includes: conference, community, break and work room, large lobby, offices, storage areas, carpet/sheet vinyl flooring, custom cabinets and granite countertops. Striped concrete parking lot accommodates 34 parking spaces, 2 handicap parking spaces and landscaped greenspaces.

Mid-Missouri Bank – Springfield, Missouri   

One story bank and drive-thru canopy  – 6,534 square feet. 

Discount Tire – Springfield, Missouri   

Following construction of the Joplin Discount Tire facility, DeWitt was chosen to build a similar facility in Springfield on South Glenstone Avenue.  The Springfield facility contained the same scope of the Discount Tire brand with six bays, built-in tornado shelter, storage for 10,000 tires in the store and state-of-the-art tire changing equipment.  Both of these projects were completed on schedule and within budget.

Arvest Bank – Nixa, Missouri   

This 4,000 square feet facility includes a conference room and seven offices. The outer road was rerouted to the west of the building. Arvest operates two locations in Nixa. 

Discount Tire – Joplin, Missouri   

9,179 sq. ft. CMU and structural steel retail building.  It includes six bays, retail sales space, offices, restrooms, and waiting space.  The restrooms in the facility double as a built-in tornado shelter.  The service bays include storage for 10,000 tires and state-of-the-art tire changing equipment.

The Branson Ferris Wheel – Branson, Missouri   

The iconic Navy Pier Ferris Wheel from Chicago has made its way to Branson. The foundation includes 8 drilled piers 23 ft deep, 120 anchor bolts and 2,000 tons of gravel. The Track Family Fun Parks opened the Branson Ferris Wheel on June 23, 2016.

Reliable BMW – Springfield, Missouri

Addition of new showroom area and the renovation of the existing service bays in the existing pre-owned facility for a new BMW dealership. Total of 30,730 sq. ft.  Addition of a service entry drive to the west side of the building. The renovation of the existing parking lot included new curbed and landscaped areas, new grades around the entrances, new asphalt paving and striping.

  • Demolition:  Removed sections of the existing parking lot and drives, removed sections in existing walls, relocated existing equipment and performed general remodel work
  • Architectural: New building with interior and exterior walls, steel trusses with low slope roof, concrete floors with tile and new overhead doors. New insulated finish system were installed on the exterior facades of the building
  • Structural:  Concrete footings and slabs, bearing walls, metal trusses and joist, outside canopy overhangs
  • Mechanical: Installed new HVAC systems and plumbing for the additions to building and reworked HVAC for the remodeled areas
  • Electrical:  Revised electrical service and routing, installed new power and lighting for addition as well as new power for HVAC and equipment

Lexus Showroom And Service Expansion – Springfield, Missouri

Following completion of the new BMW showroom, DeWitt provided an addition of new Lexus service bays and renovation of the existing service bays in the existing BMW facility. This project also included the addition of a parts receiving area and adjacent mezzanine, along with renovation of the showroom and office area.

  • Demolition:  Removed sections of the existing parking lot and drives, removed sections in existing walls, relocated existing  equipment and general remodel work. 

  • Architectural:  Remodeled showroom with new finishes, new glass curtain wall and new exterior façade. The service entry drive was expanded and the landscaping and entry areas at the front of the facility were updated.

  • Structural:  Concrete footings and slabs, bearing walls, metal trusses and joists.

  • Mechanical:Installed new HVAC system for addition to building.

  • Electrical: Revised electrical service and routing along with new power and lighting for addition

Andy B’s – Springfield, Missouri   


Discovery Center West Expansion – Springfield, Missouri     

Discovery Center is the first Gold LEED-Certified Building in Southwest Missouri

The Discovery Center “is an interactive, hands on museum committed to inspiring people of all ages with a lifelong love of learning and an appreciation of the world and our place in it.” Along with this philosophy came the responsibility to build sustainably when the Center decided to add on in 2006.  Signage throughout the building informs visitors of the sustainable construction practices that were included in the process both visible and non-visible.  A green roof feature on the lower portion reduces the heat island effect and storm water runoff.  Rain water is captured from the upper roof to flush water closets on the first floor providing them a 90% reduction in potable water consumption. Over 80% of the construction and demolition waste from the process was recycled or reused, and new products were locally sourced to save transportation energy.  Other material selections include low VOC products, rapidly renewable products and the use of 77 tons of fly ash in the concrete.  Solar panels provide 5% of the energy needs for the building.


Associated Electric Cooperative – Springfield, Missouri

46,000 sf building expansion and interior renovation to general services building in Springfield, Missouri.  

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