General Contractor

Building it better.

Thousands of details. Hundreds of suppliers. One leader. When it’s time to start construction, you need an experienced leader who is on the job every day, in direct communication with the scores of suppliers, subcontractors, designers, and team members. We document everything to keep stakeholders in the loop and assure accountability at every phase.

We’ve developed strong, reliable relationships with subcontractors over the past five decades. And we’re also proud to self-perform work on many of our projects. The end result is a tireless commitment to quality that always puts your project first—and is never satisfied with shortcuts or “good enough.”

General Contractor

Quality control plan.

Quality is the starting point for every project and every management decision we make. It’s a commitment that’s highlighted at every point in the process.

  • Continual employee and sub-contractor training; use of skilled trades
  • Review of all construction documents and specifications
  • Proper selection and approval of materials, means, and methods
  • Ongoing observation, testing and inspection
  • Effective communication to all parties
  • Compliant, logical, and timely progression of work
  • Constant coordination between owner, designers, DeWitt, and all contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Documentation of all activities, inspection results, and any corrective actions taken to correct deficiency
  • Maximize on new advances in technology, means, and methods


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