It’s a beautiful thing.

Being environmentally responsible isn’t just a good idea. It’s critical to the survival of our planet.

DeWitt is proud to be on the forefront of Green Building initiatives including Leed accreditation and building certification programs. We offer sustainable solutions at every stage of your building’s life cycle: Design, construction, operation, and maintenance. You can experience immediate cost savings, plus the lasting benefits that come from earth-friendly practices.



Sherwood Elementary School Net Zero Capable – Springfield, MO

2015 Project Team of the Year

Through strategic siting and use of expanses of high performance glass, light shelves, skylights, and auto-sensors, natural lighting will supplement or even replace the need for artificial lighting throughout most occupied times. A state of the art automated building management system, along with relays, will monitor the facility 24 hours a day and shut down areas of the building during non-use hours minimizing and/or eliminating hidden energy usage. The HVAC system includes energy efficient geo-thermal wells and controls that allow for the system to be minimized in unoccupied rooms or wings. The project includes a small solar panel array, and is designed for additional arrays on the roof of the classroom wings. As funds become available, the future addition of solar and wind power could make the building Net Zero and completely off the utility grid.


LEED Silver Missouri State University Foster Recreation Center – Springfield, MO

  • Energy savings projected to be 20.3%
  • No ozone-depleting CFC-based refrigerants
  • 92% of construction material waste was recycled
  • Smoke free facility
  • Low-volatile organic compounds (Low-VOC) utilized during construction
  • 41% reduction in water use


LEED Gold Discovery Center – Springfield, MO

DeWitt & Associates built the first Gold-LEED Certified Building in the region: The Discovery Center in downtown Springfield, Missouri.

Hickory Hills K-8 New School Seeking LEED Silver Certification – Springfield, MO

The building itself is designed to follow the contours of the existing site. Building form and materials pay homage to its agricultural heritage in a modern way with a touch of technicality. Constructed primarily of masonry and precast concrete, the durability of the building may be one of its most sustainable features- the life of this building is measured in decades, not years. The site has been designed as a whole, so that when the building and its exterior features are constructed they all work together to create a new ecosystem. A permanent wetland basin located on the northwest corner of the site controls both the quality and quantity of stormwater, using most of it onsite as opposed to piping it elsewhere.


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