Construction Management

Responsibility with accountability.

Whether we function as part of your team as a sub-contractor or take the lead as the CM/GC, the buck stops here. We serve as the owner’s advocate through evaluation of project costs, timing, quality, and performance. We maintain solid, accountability-based relationships with you, the project team, and the subcontractors to help eliminate any conflicts or issues, and to assure your project is built to the highest standards.

The construction management style and team is selected to best fit your needs and project goals. The fundamental delivery methods are described below.

CM At-Risk. Under this type of contract the Construction Manager takes on the financial risk of the project and holds all of the subcontractor and vendor contracts. The CM provides a Guaranteed Maximum Price for construction and date of completion. The CM works on a negotiated fee (usually a percentage of construction costs).

CM Agency. In this relationship, the Construction Manager serves as an extension of the owner’s staff, with the owner holding all subcontractor and vendor contracts. The CM manages all contracts, but financial risks are contracted with each vendor and subcontractor.

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